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The success of Gooseneck all goes back to one core concept: taking care of our customers. When you buy from Gooseneck, you don’t just get a piece of equipment, you get the entire support of our Gooseneck Team: The Power Behind the Paint®.

At Gooseneck, our employees are the link between our customers and the equipment we service and sell. Our whole mission is to keep our customers going: and that mission is carried out by the dedicated employees who work here.

Read more below to learn about the many departments and processes Gooseneck has implemented to better serve YOU

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The Extended Support team was designed to allow the Gooseneck stores to concentrate on in-store traffic while still providing the Gooseneck Experience to our customers.


The Gooseneck Extended Support (GES) Team was implemented Spring of 2020. The current team consisting of 6 full time Gooseneck parts members, supporting call overflow and after-hours calls for all 13 Gooseneck locations.


The process of using the GES team is simple. If a customer calls a store location, and a counter person is unable to answer the phone it then rolls into the GES team. *Note, only calls that go unanswered at a store roll over to Extended Support. Once the call is answered by a member of the GES team, the customer request is handled the same way it would be in the store. A GES team member will add any parts needed to the invoice as well as add notes into the customer request. Parts can be transferred between locations or ordered as needed. Once completed, the customer request is then reassigned to the store location in which the customer requests to pick up their parts. Finally, a parts counterperson or designated parts picker from the store location assigns the customer request to themselves to pull parts and finalize the invoicing process.

During the first year of existence the GES team (all branches) tallied 14,315 total customer requests helping over 5,100 customers!
Extended Support is here for you!

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At Gooseneck, we are continuously striving to find ways to help our technicians become more efficient, so that we can provide our customers with faster solutions.
G.T.A.C., Gooseneck Technical Assistance Center, has provided an opportunity for experienced technicians to find a use for their high knowledge while taking on a role that's less physically demanding than a field technician. Likewise, our technicians have somewhere to reach for assistance if they are struggling to find a solution to a mechanical issue.

G.T.A.C. was implemented at Gooseneck in May 2020. Since the start, the G.T.A.C. team has found solutions to almost 1,600 tickets with an average time-to-response rate of two minutes. Those numbers prove that the team is committed to finding solutions for our technicians and getting the customer back up and running in an impressive time.
Read more about what it's like to be a part of the G.T.A.C team here

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The mission of a CODE GREEN is simple; to deliver every part, every time, 7 days a week, 20 hours a day!
When a CODE GREEN comes through to our team, we drop what we are doing and find a way to make sure you get your part as soon as possible. A CODE GREEN could include a single employee delivering a part to your location, or it could be as extensive as a series of employees working together to deliver the part from another location across Gooseneck territory, to ensure it gets in your hands as soon as possible.
Completed CODE GREENs: 
• 2020 - 146 CODE GREENs
• 2021 - 116 CODE GREENs

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S.A.T.T. is Gooseneck’s industry-leading internal technician training program.​ S.A.T.T. has resulted in more efficient technicians which translates to less down time and more cost savings for our customers.
S.A.T.T. was developed in-house by Gooseneck service management to condense 3 years of training down to 9 months. The purpose is to get new technicians up to speed faster than ever.

Current S.A.T.T.
classes include Air Drill Set-Up and Diagnostics, Electrical/Can-Bus, Hydraulic, Service Advisor and Air Conditioning.

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Gooseneck Gateway is our Customer Portal designed just for you


In the Gooseneck Gateway, customers can: 


  • Maintain your Gooseneck parts cabinet
  • View Gooseneck equipment for sale
  • Access Gooseneck Invoices Online
  • Track your equipment
  • Place parts orders
  • Access Deere parts books
  • Order Parts Online
  • Request Service


Go here to register for your Gooseneck Gateway account. 

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You may have encountered the Support Team and not even known it.


Formerly known as the Precision Ag team, the Support Team consists of Gooseneck Precision Experts. The Gooseneck Support Team specializes in the latest equipment and technology that Deere has to offer. This correlates to employee training and high quality equipment demonstrations for customers. 

Likewise, if you’ve had a question about a piece of technology on one of your machines, chances are one of our precision experts helped answer it.

Want to learn more about becoming part of the Gooseneck Team? 

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