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DEF Exchange & Bulk Oil

To better serve our customers, Gooseneck is investing into a DEF Tote Exchange Program.

Current Price: $2.84/gal on tote exchange program.

How it works:
  1. Customer purchases a full DEF Tote from their local Gooseneck Store.
  2. Once the initial DEF Tote is empty, the customer brings the tote back to the store to get exchanged.
  3. At the time of exchange, a Gooseneck employee inspects the tote for any damage to seals.
  4. If the tote passes the inspection, the customer can exchange their empty tote for a full tote. 

275 gallon capacity totes.

Additional Bulk Options*
Hy-Gard:      $14.55 / Gallon
15/40:          $16.25 / Gallon
Cool-Gard:   $14.63 / Gallon
*Prices are subject to change. Check with your local Gooseneck store for more information. 

Ask your local Gooseneck Parts Salesman about bulk tank filtration options and bulk oil tank systems! 

Ready to sign up? Contact us today!