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Virtual JDTech Program

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Interested in becoming a Gooseneck Sponsored Technician in the Virtual JDTech Program? 

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What is the Virtual JDTech Program?

Gooseneck Implement is partnering with Arkansas State University-Beebe to offer an accredited JDTech Degree remotely from any of the 13 Gooseneck Store locations located in Kenmare, Minot, Mohall, Stanley, Velva, Rugby, Harvey, Williston, Beach, Bowman, Dickinson and Elgin, North Dakota as well as Lemmon, South Dakota. Previously the JDTech Program has only been offered on campus with no remote options available. Students are hired on as a full time employee at Gooseneck Implement. They will be required to work 40 hours a week implementing what they’ve learned in online classes, which are completed in the evenings or weekends. Online labs will be allowed time to complete in the store.


Are there age limitations to attend JDTech Program?

Students must be at least 17 years of age.


What are the application requirements to get into this program? 

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and an ACT score of 15+. If your ACT score is lower than 15, there are developmental classes you can take through ASU-Beebe to help raise your score before applying to the JDTech Program. During the application process, students will be required to provide additional documents and immunization records. View complete application requirements for ASU-BeeBe here.


What are the educational requirements of this program? 

Students are required to obtain and maintain a sponsorship with Gooseneck Implement throughout the course of their program. Students are also required to maintain academic standards by maintaining a minimum 2.0/4.0 GPA. 


Will Gooseneck still sponsor technicians who wish to get their JDTech Associates Degree on-campus?

Absolutely. Students who prefer to attend a 2 year on-campus program are encouraged to choose the route that best fits their learning style. Gooseneck implement can help you begin that path, or choose which one fits best for your career goals with John Deere. Students can apply to attend the NDSCS John Deere Tech Program by first completing the Gooseneck Implement application here, followed by the NDSCS general application here
View more information on the NDSCS John Deere Tech Program here

Will I receive benefits while earning my virtual JDTech degree?

As a full-time employee of Gooseneck Implement (working 40 hours / week), students will be eligible for benefits, such as health, disability, time off, etc.  An additional benefit to this program is the opportunities for students to aquire John Deere tools at a significant discount. Students who are in the JDTech Program through ASU-BeeBe are able to purchase tools through Snap-On and Matco at up to 50% off! 


What is the academic calendar for the Virtual JDTech Program?

The academic calendar for the Virtual JDTech Program includes a fall semester from August-December as well as a spring semester from January-May. Students are also required to complete a Summer Internship which includes 12 weeks of full time work at their sponsored dealership.


How much time do I need to plan for study each week?

In accordance with federal law and federal regulations, for every class hour, the typical student should expect to spend at least two clock hours of problem solving, reading, reviewing, organizing notes, preparing for coming exams/quizzes and other activities that enhance learning.


What is the cost of this program? 

The total cost to attend ASU-BeeBe is $10,295. These costs are estimates and subject to change. A complete semester breakdown can be provided to you upon request. Out of state tuition fees are waived through ASU-BeeBe. Please make note that these tuition prices are subject to change upon the next fiscal year (June). Gooseneck also offers a tuition reimbursement program after graduation to cover your total tuition cost. This reimbursement is done over 4 years, with 25% of tuition reimbursed each year.


Are there opportunities to further my education beyond an associates degree through the Virtual JDTech Program?

At this time, the associates degree is the only option. Between Gooseneck and John Deere, there are many opportunities to further training in whichever career path our employees choose to pursue. 


Where will I live while I complete the Virtual JDTech Program? 

Students are responsible to find housing in the location they choose to base their program out of. Gooseneck may provide guidance on housing but the student is responsible to locate and pay for housing. 


How do I apply to the Virtual JDTech Program through ASU-BeeBe?

Any interested student is encouraged to apply online at Apply under the General Application posting. The application will be reviewed by our internal team and the applicant will be contacted by our Recruiter, Dan Stadick. After the interview process is complete with Gooseneck Implement, the process to apply at ASU-Beebe will begin as a Gooseneck Implement sponsored student. Please keep in mind that all students must meet the admission requirements of ASU-Beebe to qualify for the program. Those admission requirements and application can be viewed here.


Who do I contact with additional questions about the Virtual JDTech Program?

You can contact Dan Stadick by filling out the form at the top of this page, through email (, or via phone (701-509-8095) 


Why did Gooseneck Implement choose to partner with ASU-Beebe? 

ASU-BeeBe was selected from a number of schools currently offering on-campus JDTech programs. These schools were vetted by John Deere and selected by Gooseneck Implement to meet the industry needs of agricultural technicians.

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