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Starfire ITC Receiver

End of Life: January 1, 2021

The correction signal that is used by the ITC receiver will no longer be used by government satellites after January 1st, 2021.

Your AutoTrac™ will not work after this date if it's using the ITC receiver. 

The complete government document can be found here:  See page 59 (Section 3.2.8) for more details.
Sales Manual for Starfire ITC

About the end of life:

We received word from John Deere that effective Jan 1, 2021 Starfire ITC GPS Receivers will no longer be able to receive the SF1 or SF2 corrections required for machines to Autotrac.  ITC receivers will only work for a speed source. As far as using an ITC for coverage and documentation, the WAAS signal that the receiver will be limited to use is not accrete and will not work to meet your expectations. This was not a decision made by John Deere or INMARSAT (the company that provides the bandwidth for our SF1 and SF2 correction signals). This change is happening because of a government satellite update where new satellites broadcasting the L5 signal are replacing the older signals. The hardware inside an ITC receiver will not allow it to receive the newer data. Starfire 3000s and 6000s are not affected by this change. Again your AutoTrac will not work after 1/1/2021

The complete government document can be found here:  See page 59 (Section 3.2.8) for more details.

Questions about your ITC receiver?