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Tech Careers

Solid, stable mechanic jobs in the Dakotas.
Why Gooseneck?

At Gooseneck, our employees are the link between our customers and the equipment we service and sell. Our whole mission is to keep our customers going, and that mission is carried out by the dedicated employees who work here. We are looking for passionate, innovative people willing to go the extra mile.
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Gooseneck SATT Training is an industry-leading internal technician training program. This program, developed in-house by Gooseneck service management, condenses 3 years of training down to 9 months to get new technicians up to speed faster than ever.
Gooseneck Technical Assistance Center or G.T.A.C. is an internal support system for technicians to get assistance when needed. Technicians can work with our experience G.T.A.C. staff to get help in the shop or in the field.

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