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MyJohnDeere Terms & Cond.

You will need to accept the Terms & Conditions on by February 12, 2021.


More info from John Deere:

Action Required on 12 February 2020
Upon logging into John Deere Operations Center, JDLink Dashboard, or mobile apps, a staff member (one per organization), with the ability to manage organization access (Level 2) will need to do the following once Organization Terms and Conditions are launched: 
Provide / review the following information:
Legal Entity Name and Address
Review Organization Staff (Users)
Review Partnerships (Permissions)
Review Equipment with JDLink Service contracts 
Review terminals to ensure they are in the correct location
Review subscriptions
Accept or decline Organization Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice
You will not be able to do the following until the Terms and Conditions are accepted:
Access John Deere Operations Center, JDLink Dashboard, mobile apps, etc. 
Transfer new terminals into the organization
Make changes to subscriptions – activate, renew or change