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3G to 4G

Why should I upgrade to 4G MTG?

  1. After 2021 3G cell signal will not be available.
  2. 4G is a much faster and stronger signal.
  3. Gooseneck will be able help you with Remote support at a much higher level.
  4. Alerts from your equipment will be reported in a more efficient time frame.

What would I use a 4G MTG for?

  1. Remote support.
  2. Remote display access on your displays.
  3. Shared coverage from one machine to another.
  4. Wireless data transfer to the operation center.
  5. Sending setup files to your equipment.
  6. Sending prescriptions to your equipment.
  7. Receiving alerts from your equipment.

How do I get the upgrade?

Contact your Gooseneck Store and they have program available that make this very affordable.