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About Us

History of Gooseneck


Gooseneck started in 1974 in Kenmare, ND. Kevin Borud bought the dealership from his father in 1989 and Kevin is still with the company today. In 1998, Borud bought Ward County Implement in Minot. In 2004, Gooseneck expanded to Mohall, Lansford and Stanley. Velva, Harvey and Rugby joined the Gooseneck team in 2008. In 2010, Gooseneck expanded to Williston, ND and merged the Lansford store into the newly built Mohall store. In 2018, Gooseneck made its largest expansion with the acquisition of Dakota Farm Equipment, a 5-location John Deere dealership in southwestern North Dakota and northwestern South Dakota.


Gooseneck Implement currently operates in 13 locations across Western ND and North Western SD:

Kenmare, Minot, Mohall, Stanley, Velva, Rugby, Harvey, Williston, Beach, Bowman, Elgin, Dickinson, and Lemmon, SD. 

The success of Gooseneck all goes back to one core concept: taking care of our customers. When you buy from Gooseneck, you don’t just get a piece of equipment, you get the entire support of our Gooseneck Team: The Power Behind the Paint ®.


Current CEO: Jamie Melgaard



Why is it called "Gooseneck"?


In 1974 two men, Daryl Borud and Tom Burkett founded a dealership in Kenmare, ND. At the time, they didn't know what to name this new John Deere Dealership, so they had a contest with their customers. One customer suggested "Gooseneck Implement" because Kenmare is located in the 'gooseneck' region of Ward County. Kenmare is also known for being one of the active flyways in North America for Canada, snow, and gray geese. The name stuck, and still remains as one of the most unique John Deere dealership names in existence.



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Our Culture


Gooseneck is a family-oriented company that strongly supports agriculture communities and the staff that reside in them. We want you and your family to be able to thrive with us and within your community as well.
It takes great strength to keep a multi-state company unified. The glue that binds our company and keeps the Gooseneck Family growing is a willingness to go above and beyond; for ourselves, for our co-workers, and especially for our customers. We take great pride in that belief.

Going above and beyond for one another builds a kinship forged from trust, respect, and a healthy culture.
Because of the culture we built, when we face adversity, we do it as a unified team. We work together to overcome any challenges that arise. In an industry as competitive as agriculture, our culture and the resulting quality of service is what separates us from our competition. It doesn’t just unite us as a team; it creates the customer loyalty that is common among the farmers and ranchers we serve.
Being part of the Gooseneck Family is knowing that your co-workers have your back and that we have our customer’s backs. It means that you work for a company built on teamwork, training, and integrity. It’s knowing our benefits and our culture will help elevate you throughout your career.


At Gooseneck, our employees are the link between our customers and the equipment we service and sell. Our whole mission is to keep our customers going: and that mission is carried out by the dedicated employees who work here. We are looking for passionate, innovative people willing to go the extra mile.


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